Terms and condition

Application of the General Conditions of Sale

The General Conditions of Sale described below (defined as “General Conditions” below), regulate the contractual relations between the users of the site j-techsrl.com and the company J-Tech Srl, a company registered office in Viale delle Fosse, 63 – 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI) VAT number IT 03568270247 enrolled at the chamber of Commerce of Vicenza n. 286999 Register of Enterprises (hereinafter defined as “J-TECH SRL”). These General Conditions are the only applicable ones and replace all other conditions, except for preliminary, express and written exceptions. J-TECH SRL may sometimes find it necessary to change some provisions of the General Conditions; We therefore invite customers to consult them before each visit to the j-techsrl.com website. The consolidation of an order implies a tacited letter and acceptance of the General Conditions present at the moment on te site. J-TECH SRL reserves the right to refuse any type of clause and / or document attached to the Customer’s order that is in opposition and / or adds a new element to the General Conditions.

As regards the references to the Privacy legislation, please refer to the corresponding section.


These General Terms and Conditions of Sale govern the offer, forwarding and acceptance of purchase orders for products on j-techsrl.com and do not, however, regulate the supply of services or the sale of products by subjects other than the seller who are present on the same site through links, banners or other hypertext links.

Conclusion of the contract

– To conclude the purchase contract, it will be necessary to fill in the order form in electronic format and send it following the relative instructions.

– This contains reference to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the images of each product and the relative price, the means of payment that can be used, the delivery methods for the purchased products and the relative shipping and delivery costs, a reference to the conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal and the methods and timeframes for returning the purchased products.

– Before concluding the contract, the Customer will be asked to acknowledge having read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which include information on the right of withdrawal and personal data processing.

– The contract is concluded when the seller receives the form filled in by the user, after verifying the correctness of the data contained therein.

– The buyer will be obliged to complete payment from the moment the online order submission procedure is completed. This will be done by clicking on the button (button text) at the end of the guided process.

– Once the contract is concluded, the seller takes responsibility for the execution of the order.

Registered users

1. When completing the registration procedures, the user undertakes to follow the instructions on the site and provide their personal data in a correct and truthful manner.

2. Confirmation will in any case exempt j-techsrl.com from any responsibility regarding the data provided by the user. The user undertakes to promptly inform j-techsrl.com of any variation in their data at any time communicated.

3. If the user reports inaccurate or incomplete data or if the interested parties dispute the payments made, j-techsrl.com will have the right to not activate or in other words to suspend the service until the related issues have been remedied.

4. On the occasion of the first request for activation of a profile by the user, j-techsrl.com will assign the them a username and password. The latter recognises that these identifiers constitute the system for validating user access to the Services and is the only suitable system for identifying the user; furthermore that the acts carried out via this access will be attributed to the user and will have binding force in relation to them.

5. The user undertakes to maintain the secrecy of their access data, to keep it with due care and diligence and not to transfer it to third parties, even temporarily.

Prices and discounts

The products sold by J-TECH SRL are displayed in Euros VAT at the price in effect at the time the order is validated, with evidence of delivery costs, subject to the condition that the delivery time is not delayed due to the Customer. J-TECH SRL reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, respecting the provisions of the General Conditions and the laws in force.

Terms of payment

Unless special written agreements between the Customer and J-TECH SRL, , the applicable payment conditions are as follows:

a) Payment via PayPal.

b) Payment of the order by bank transfer;

Banca Intesa San Paolo IBAN IT 69 G030 6960 2601 0000 0000 762 Bic/SWIFT code:BCITITMM

Product availability

The products on the site are offered within the limits of the quantities available. In the event that one or more items are not available after the validation of the order, it will be our task to inform the Customer via e-mail as soon as possible; the Customer may, if he so wishes, cancel the order, in the event that the delay in supplying the item exceeds 30 working days.

Shipping – Delivery

Upon receipt of your order, we recommend that you check whether the items delivered comply with your order or are damaged and, in this case, indicate on the proof of delivery in the form of a handwritten reserve accompanied by your signature, all the anomalies found.

Unless otherwise specified by the Customer, J-TECH SRL chooses the delivery method for the ordered products. The transport of the products is insured.

The Customer must, at the time of delivery of the order, check the good condition of the packages and issue any reservations to the courier within the time required by law. The words “subject to control” and / or “subject to verification” have no legal value vis-à-vis couriers and / or insurance companies.

The Customer is required to provide evidence of any lack and / or malfunction of one or more products of the order.

J-TECH SRL undertakes to do everything necessary to respect the expected order fulfillment times, which are normally equal to 2 working days, but cannot, in any case, be held responsible for any delay in the delivery of the order and damage caused by it to the Customer, also not considering this delay as a valid reason for canceling an order. An order including unavailable products may be subject to longer delivery times or possible cancellation. In case of non-receipt of a package within the expected delivery time, the Customer is invited to communicate the problem to J-TECH SRL within 14 days following the shipping date. J-TECH SRL will open an investigation against the courier that may last a few days. The Customer is requested to attach to the request a copy of the identity document and a signed declaration (by the legal representative in case of VAT number) certifying the non-receipt of the order, issued by the person present at the delivery address. During this investigation, J-TECH SRL will not be able to make any decision regarding the issuance of the Customer’s order.


– Return of a product within 14 days of receipt and refund

-It is possible to return a product by exercising the right of withdrawal without giving any reasons, within 14 calendar days of delivery. Send a communication to j-tech@j-techsrl.com indicating the order of reference. You will receive a return authorization which must be sent by courier or registered letter with signature upon delivery to the following address:

J-Tech Srl Viale delle Fosse, 63 – 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI) Italy

– The user who intends to exercise the right of withdrawal must promptly notify it by means of an explicit declaration, which can be sent through the standard withdrawal form, referred to in Annex I, part B, Legislative Decree 21/2014

— The products returned to J-TECH SRL must be in perfect condition, carefully packaged in the original packaging, accompanied by all the possible exhibitors, without any kind of modification; the labels must be intact, to allow further marketing of these products. The products must be returned to the following address:

J-Tech Srl Viale delle Fosse, 63 – 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI) Italy.


In the event that the items received do not comply with the order, the Customer must notify J-TECH SRL no later than two days following the date of delivery of the order. A copy of the order or any invoice must be attached to the Customer’s complaint.

Complaints relating to the quality of a product must be accompanied by a model of the same, which involves the defect found, and, to the extent that it will be necessary to prove this defect, by a model of the same product in the original packaging, with useful references for its identification.

No claim can be accepted in the event that the above conditions have not been respected.

Return of a defective product to J-TECH SRL

A product, classified as defective, can be returned by the Customer to J-TECH SRL only after a preliminary written agreement by the latter. The costs of returning the product are charged to the customer.

The products returned to J-TECH SRL must be in perfect condition, carefully packaged in the original packaging, accompanied by all the possible exhibitors, without any kind of modification; the labels must be intact, to allow further marketing of these products. The products must be returned to the following address:

J-Tech Srl Viale delle Fosse, 63 – 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI) Italy.

The products must be accompanied by the authorization received from J-TECH SRL and be sent with a delivery signature, whether it is a refund request or a return. In the event that the Customer returns products without the authorization of J-TECH SRL or in a way that does not comply with what is described, the same will be returned to the Customer at his expense.

Guarantees and After Sales Service provided by the jewellery manufacturers

The products marketed by J-TECH SRL benefit from a one-year “manufacturer guarantee”.

If this is not possible, the product can be returned to the address indicated on the return voucher by courier.

Whatever the problem / defect of the item is, it must be returned accompanied by a copy of the invoice, the warranty voucher (enclosed in the package) and the return voucher.

For each type of information:

– Tel : +39 0424 220920. Our staff is available from Monday to Friday, from 9;00 to 12;00 and 2;30 pm to 5;00 pm (Italian time)

– Mail: On average, an answer is obtained within 24 working hours following the request.The guarantees of the products sold by j-tech@j-techsrl.com do not cover:

– abnormal or non-compliant use of the products,

– faults (and subsequent consequences) due to the intervention of a repairer not authorized by J-TECH SRL,

– failures (and subsequent consequences) due to improper use of the product,

– failures (and subsequent consequences) due to external causes.

Warning: the guarantee does not apply to repairs of damage caused by an external cause to the product (for example: accidents, falls) or by a customer error (such as, for example, the use of a jewel in contact with corrosive substances).

In any case, J-TECH SRL cannot be held responsible for any refusal by the manufacturer in applying the guarantee.

In the event that the repairs are not covered by the warranty, the manufacturer will establish a quote for the same.

Advertising (VAT number)

Advertising and presentation material (catalogs, posters, etc.) may be entrusted to customers with a VAT number for their commercial operations, and only for use and display at the addresses authorized by J-TECH SRL for the sale of its products.

The customer must not in any way imply that he is acting on behalf of J-TECH SRL or commercialized brands, as this would imply the authorization of J-TECH SRL’s management for such practices.

The Client who wishes to advertise will first of all undertake to consult J-TECH SRL to obtain any agreement.


To cover any risks of theft or any other type of damage, each party will make its own arrangements to cover such risks with its own insurance company.

Limits of Liability

J-TECH SRL will in no case be held responsible for any type of loss or damage, direct or indirect, whatever the cause.

The Customer can never claim, in any way, to benefit from a discount on the total cost of the invoices corresponding to an incomplete delivery or inherent in defective products.

Ownership of products

J-TECH SRL reserves the absolute ownership of the products delivered until full payment of the products themselves and any accessories.

The delivery of a check or other securities which imply a payment obligation on the part of the Customer does not constitute payment under this provision.

Although the ownership of the products remains the right of J-TECH SRL until full payment of the same and any accessories, the Customer is solely responsible for the products delivered to him and for any damage or loss suffered by them.

The Customer is obliged to immediately inform J-TECH SRL in the event that a delivery or sale to third parties of the products owned by J-TECH SRL takes place.

Disputes and Liability

In the event that it is not possible to settle a possible dispute, between one or more Customers on the one hand and J-TECH SRL on the other, by consensus, this dispute will be the exclusive competence of the court of Vicenza and the applicable law will be Italian law. . Some products may be subject to regulations relating to strategic products. These products can be exported only after express authorization from J-TECH SRL.

Conditions that allow you to benefit from payments excluding VAT (Sales outside the Italian state)

If you are a company / company and you are based in one of the countries of the European Community and if you can provide J-TECH SRL with a valid intra-community VAT number, issued by the country in question, J-TECH SRL may exclude VAT from the total of your order.

This intra-community VAT number is issued by the competent tax authorities. Please see the conditions below, which you will need to accept to access the VAT excluded payment on J-TECH SRL:

– You declare and guarantee that the intra-community VAT number that you communicate to J-TECH SRL corresponds to that of your company and that the latter is based in one of the countries of the European Community;

– You declare and guarantee that all orders validated through your personal account will be carried out by your company using the intra-community VAT number previously communicated toJ-TECH SRL;

– You declare and guarantee that the intra-community VAT number, as well as all other data communicated by you to J-TECH SRL, are up-to-date, exact and precise and that you will inform us immediately in case of changes or updates to such information;

– J-TECH SRL reserves the right to request additional information and / or to request confirmation of the validity of the information relating to your personal account (especially for the intra-community VAT number) from the competent authorities, as permitted by the laws in force. You expressly authorize J-TECH SRL o request and obtain the above information from the competent authorities. You also agree to provide J-TECH SRL with all the information requested, relating to the personal account, upon the first request made to this effect by our services;

– J-TECH SRL will proceed with the cancellation of the order in the event that the VAT number communicated turns out to be invalid or in the event that the required documents are not provided.

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